Muhammad Ali tribute exhibit opens


Bryce Grant

The Muhammad Ali Center opened its special tribute exhibit in honor of Muhammad Ali’s 75th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 14.

The exhibit uses Ali as a subject and an inspiration to embody his spirit and aims to capture the essence of what made Ali a figure of the people.

Sean Ali Waddell Jr., the cousin of the late Muhammad Ali, says he’s following in the footsteps of Ali.

“It was a great success and there’s much more to come from Muhammad as he continues to live on through his inspiration,” Waddell said.

Lauryn Waddell is the sister of Sean Waddell and the cousin of Muhammad Ali.

“I thought the new Ali exhibit was a great, fresh, contemporary way to commemorate the various sides of the Greatest,” Waddell said. “Art pieces by Ali’s friends, fans and even himself sum up the unrelenting, powerful free spirit that is embedded in his legacy.”

The exhibit will be open until Feb. 28.