JCPS finds huge mistake in salary review


Amberlee Tate

In the JCPS Board Meeting last night, Superintendent Donna Hargens discussed a forty-million-dollar mistake made by the Management Advisory Group International (MAG); a Virginia based firm that did a study on the money being paid to JCPS employees. A report by this firm stated that overall JCPS employees were getting paid $52 million but the actual amount is around $10 to $14 million.

These numbers came from a report issued by MAG that came out last April. Although the review had cost JCPS $192,000, Hargens only asked for an apology.

This 40-million-dollar mistake resulted in false ideas about JCPS and how much money was going to its employees. After finding this out, Hargens discussed the issue in her superintendent report.

“This study caused employees to feel unvalued and underappreciated. MAG owes the district, its employees, the board, and the community an apology,” Hargens said.

Along with this, Donna Hargens brought up the student assignment plan. The JCPS board has four weeks to decide what they want to do with their review of the plan. 

The last major thing discussed was the Board Finance and Advisory Committee. It is a new committee including some members of the board. After discussing and making amendments to the proposed committee, it passed unanimously.