School closed on first day for JCPS; more storm damage photos.

Charley Nold

Jefferson County Public Schools will be closed for the students’ scheduled first day, Monday, August 15.
New Superintendent Donna Hargens made the announcement at 12:30 this afternoon. According to Antionette Konz of  the Courier-Journal, at one o’clock, “here are the schools without electricity: Atherton High, Audubon Elementary, Barret Traditional Middle, Binet School, Goldsmith Elementary, Bowen Elementary, Brandeis Elementary, Goldsmith Elementary, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary, Buechel High, Camp Taylor Elementary, Cane Run Elementary, Crums Lane Elementary, Frayser Elementary, Gilmore Lane Elementary, Greathouse Shryock Elementary, Goldsmith Elementary, Hazelwood Elementary, Hite Elementary, Jacob Elementary, Jeffersontown High, Kennedy Middle, Kenwood Elementary, Klondike Elementary, Myers Middle, Semple Elementary, Shawnee High, Waggener High, Western Middle and Young Elementary”.

Hundreds of thousands of homes still lacked power. Student James Miller (10) lost power in the storm. “We lost power during the storm because of fallen trees, and we got it back sometime during the night. I just remember all the lights in my room flashing back on,” Miller said.

With summer assignments and reading still to be done, some students were glad to have the extra day.
“Ms. Fries is supposedly giving us a test on the first day of class, covering all the material and counting for a grade,” said Wenyuan Yin (12). “We were supposed to read/review. I didn’t do it in its entirety. I did a bit.”

School for Tuesday, August 16, is still unconfirmed. Should school resume on Tuesday, it will be a white day schedule. Monday’s extended homeroom schedule will be shifted to Tuesday, and class meetings will follow during blocks one and two.

Photo by Jared Williams
Photo By Jared Williams
Photo by Jared Williams
Photo by Jared Williams