APUSH’ed away from Oaks


Jade Broderick

The AP United States History (APUSH) Exam falls on Kentucky Oaks Day this year, when JCPS is out of school.

For the past two years, the College Board has scheduled the exam for Oaks Day. This is a national test date, requiring JCPS students to choose to either go to a different school or take the makeup exam later in the month.

Last year the exam wasn’t available at Manual, so most students had to wait until the later exam to take the test.

Some students traveled to different schools outside of the county to take the test. Last year Sarah Biggs (12, HSU) traveled to Owensboro, Ky. to take the exam so she wouldn’t get the lesser curve of the makeup exam.

“My friend Rose Chancy (12, MST) and I went to the counselor and found alternative arrangements, contacted a bunch of schools and the one who contacted us back was Apollo High School,” Biggs said. “I passed the test, which is what I wanted, and I’m glad I didn’t have to take the makeup.”

This year the test will be held at Manual at 8a.m. Friday, and students will have to provide their own transportation to school, since JCPS is out.

“It sucks because I can’t drive because I don’t have a car yet,” Brayan Aviles (11, HSU) said. “I have to ride the TARC to school Friday morning now.”

Quincy Robins takes the Advanced US History class, and is happy he isn’t taking the test.

“I feel pretty lucky that I don’t have a test on Oaks.” Quincy Robinson (11, YPAS) said. “I’m not planing to go to Oaks, but there are a lot of people who probably did and now they can’t go until later.”