JCPS closes school for second day straight

Julian E. Wright

For the second day straight, JCPS has cancelled school for its 101,000 students; schools will now be closed Tuesday, August 16. The closings were caused by a storm that swept through Louisville Saturday evening.

According to Antoinette Konz of The Courier-Journal, on Monday, 45 schools and three bus compounds did not have phone service, and 39 schools and three bus compounds did not have internet connectivity. Both phone and internet service are integral parts of the district’s plan to settle transportation controversies.

For now, school is scheduled to start Wednesday, August 17, two days after the original start date.

“I didn’t even realize the storm was that bad,” said Kayla Atcher (11). “And I was kind of ready to start, but I guess [JCPS] had to cancel if [the schools] didn’t have power. The extra days off are nice, but I wouldn’t have minded going back to school already; at least it’s a few more days to sleep in and finish my summer reading,” she said.

Some students are still without power in their homes; Carly Jo Rodman (9) didn’t get hers back until 8:00 Monday night. “It was making me a little worried since I would have to get ready in the dark and make sure my phone was charged and everything for school,” she said. Rodman also thinks JCPS was justified in cancelling. “Everything would have been a crazy mess if they had had us go to school… the bus routes would’ve been just too hectic,” she said.

“I think that [JCPS] didn’t have a choice but to cancel school,” said Micah McClain (12). “No internet plus no phones equals no safety and no communication between schools, which is essential for the regular school day to take place,” he said.