Manual students wanted for zombie flash mob

Charley Nold

All Manual students are being called to action to be part of the “Zombies Invade the Thrillway” flash mob that will take place during the Kentucky State Fair on August 27.

The flash mob will happen in concurrence with the release of a zombie invasion novel set in Kentucky titled “The Pretty Dead,” written by David Martin Stack. The group will dance to the song “Highly Suspicious” by Louisville-based band My Morning Jacket.

There will be a dress rehearsal on the “Thrillway” at the Fairgrounds at 5:30 P.M., Wednesday, August 17, the evening before the fair opens.

“It’s a good opportunity for our school to connect with the community in a lighthearted fashion,” Mr. J.C. Reedy (YPAS) said. “Show that our kids can do a little of everything.”

To register to be a flash mob dancer, contact Steph Wilding Darst, [email protected] (502-367-5496), or Evan Sharp, [email protected] (502-367-5092).

Cover of David Martin Stack's zombie invasion novel "The Pretty Dead"