Love was loved at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival


Jade Broderick

The month of June is full of love and awareness as everyone of every race, color, gender, sex and sexual preferences can come together in peace to celebrate the basic human rights that belong to them.

The month of June is known as Pride Month for the LBGTQ+ community.

This past weekend the Kentuckiana Pride Festival was held as the Belvedere located in downtown Louisville. The Festival started on Friday, June 16 with a parade to kick things off the show.

The parade traveled down Main St. from Floyd and ended at 5th St.

“This was my first Pride Festival ever.” Maria Georgious (MST, Class of 2017)  a newly Manual alum, said. “Walking in the Parade was definitely an unforgettable experience. I loved it because it was such a positive environment and we all supported the same cause.”

The Parade was followed by a concert at the venue, performances featured Keri Hilson, Ty Herndon and Beverly McClellan.

“I think that pride is a great and fun time.” Jaylin Cardwell, a Fern Creek alum said. “I think Pride is a place where people can go without feeling judged or scared, because everyone is accepting and open minded to new ideas and change.”

Day two of the Pride Festival was mainly focused at the Belvedere — with many booths and different venders to feed, entertain and inform everyone at the event.

Some of  the different venders at the event were, Human Rights Campaign, Louisville Gay Men’s Chorus, YMCA Safe Place Services and TSTAR.   

The Festival went from 12-11 on Saturday, with many groups on the main stage ranging from DJ McKay, PLAY Drag Show, VOICES of Kentuckiana and quite a few more.

The end of the Kentuckiana Pride Festival came to a stop Saturday night as people went home and had to leave the venue. The next Pride festival will be the Louisville Pride Festival which will be help Sept. 16 on Bardstown Rd.