Interim superintendent hosts press conference at Central


Jade Broderick

Interim JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio held a press conference at Central High School’s stadium earlier today in order to address the death of a Brooklawn student who jumped off a moving bus.

According to Pollio, there were multiple JCPS workers and students on the bus when the accident occurred.

“This was a singular incident. The student was aggressively trying to get off the bus,”  Pollio said. “Adults did everything they could to prevent this from happening.”

Pollio went on to say that grief and crisis counselors will be available for the students, staff and families of students.

Also covered at the press conference was the Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) hosted by the 15th district PTA for 40 years. Its purpose is to help all students and families in JCPS to have clothes to wear to school.  

Pollio also stated that he will be visiting eight different JCPS schools, including Central High School and Farmer Middle School, on the first day of school on Aug. 16.