New teachers bring new goals to Manual


Mr. Starling begins a lecture on the third day of school. Photo by Thomas Simmons.

Piper Hansen

As the new school year begins, students are getting accustomed to their new schedules, new classmates and new teachers. This year, Manual is welcoming 11 new teachers: Ryan Hite (Spanish), Jacob Jury (Math/Art), Heather McCall (Math), Keri Polevchak (Science), Jennifer Powell (Science), Michael Starling (Science), David Wallace (ECE), Hollie Knott (ECE) and Mario Ransan (ECE). 

These new teachers have gone through a selective process in order to teach at Manual and are very excited about the opportunity.

“I’ve heard great things about the school, and had friends that went here from college who had said great things about it,” Starling said. “It was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

Starling received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry from Western Kentucky University, his master’s degree in chemistry from Vanderbilt University and his master’s degree in teaching from Western Kentucky University.

He has previously taught at Southern High School and Myers Middle School; both schools in JCPS.

“To be in an environment where learning is really valued and the students have initiative, and really take initiative in their own learning and their own education is awesome,” Starling said.    

Starling’s teaching style has already brought a positive light to some of his students.

Mr. Starling begins a lecture on the third day of school. Photo by Thomas Simmons.

“I was excited to have a new teacher this year,” Trevor Harry (11, HSU) said. “He seems like he brings a really relaxed and calm mood to Manual which we could use more of sometimes.”

Mr. Jacob Jury is most excited to see the capability of the Manual student body.

“Everyone here is on a different level but I would like to grasp everybody’s attention and I think that’s what I want from each day,” Jury said.

Jury started his application process in March of the 2016-17 school year, through peer recommendations and a good track record, he managed to earn a spot as a incoming teacher.

“It’s really cool having a math teacher who also teaches art,” Olivia Trim (11, HSU) said. “He’s using his left and right brain which is something I don’t see a lot of my other teachers doing.”

Jury’s appreciation for art extends into his room where the walls are covered in math related pieces, his favorite being the fibonacci sequence depicted with rabbits.

Mr. Jury shared his favorite piece of math artwork in his room. Photo by Nikhil Warrier.