Fire engines called to Manual after fire alarm goes off


Nikhil Warrier

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, at approximately 10:15 a.m., the fire alarms at Manual began to sound. According to Manual Assistant Principal Ms. Lete, a lab in room 213 was the source of the alarm. Moments after, students began to gather on the practice field and the school notified the Louisville Fire Department.

“After the alarm has been pulled, the fire fighters are dispatched immediately unless a call is given that it was an accident. After they arrive at Manual, it is standard protocol for them [the fire fighters] to check through the entire building for any fires or sources of fires,” Ms. Lete said.

It took approximately 15 minutes for the Louisville Fire Department to arrive at Manual.

“We usually dispatch two fire engines with four fire fighters in each. Their job is to assess the situation and look for any signs of fire,” The Louisville Fire Department said.

After fire fighters had entered the building, they ran into technical difficulties, delaying the process of getting students back into the building.

“Although there was no real fire, the fire department had to ensure that all systems were working properly, and they ran into some technical difficulties,” Kuhn said.

After the fire fighters gave the all clear, students were allowed back in the building.