Bears defend themselves against the Crimsons


Marcus Floyd (#2, 12) on defence, anticipating a block. Photo by Cicada Hoyt.

Reece Gunther

The Butler Bears defeated the Manual Crimsons Football team on Friday night by a score of 19-13. The loss makes Manual 3-3 for the season.

Butler started the game with determination. Butler’s Demontrae Crumes (#7) made two passes and runs, both totaling a distance of over 70 yards, while Manual’s defense had trouble holding Butler back. Butler easily made first down nearly every time they had possession of the ball throughout the first quarter of the game.

“They gave us time for the quarterback to pass the ball and I made the play,” Crumes said. “We came out. We progressed as a team and that teamwork has been showing through the game.”

In the second quarter of the game, Butler continued to make strong passes, usually giving them first down.

Manual’s Keon Farris (#35, 12), made an interception for Manual after an attempt at a long pass by Butler. Farris continued to run with the ball for 53 yards after the interception, and set  Ramont Townsend (#26, 9), to get the only touchdown of the night for the Crimsons. 

“We stepped up offensively,” Farris said. “I know that moments like [the interception] are what put momentum into the game, and that’s what you need to win.”

“We played good, but we just didn’t come out with a win,” Townsend said. “We could honestly improve on everything we do as a team.”

During the third quarter, Crumes made his second catch and ran in for a touchdown, making the score 13-7.

Manual’s Marcis Floyd (#2, 12) also made a 25 yard catch to put Manual in prime position  for a touchdown. Instead, Manual’s Nick Kopp (#9, 12) scored his second field goal of the night since Butler’s defense didn’t allow Manual to score a touchdown.

“We played good, but we lost,” said Floyd. “We drove down the field well, but we just couldn’t execute.”

Manual’s offense improved during the third quarter and they were able to push the ball down the field more than they were in other parts of the game.

“I really love the team’s fight,” said Manual Head Coach Scott Carmony. “I thought we lost some composure in the first half, and they came back and really responded to that after halftime.”

In the last quarter of the game, Butler’s Jalan Ward (#34) scored a touchdown making the score 19-10 after a long pass resulted in a dash to Manual’s one yard line.

Manual had trouble keeping possession of the ball towards the end of the game and continuously had to punt it back to Butler on fourth down.

Manual will travel back home to play St. X on senior night next Friday at 7:30 p.m.