Panthers claw the Crimsons

Panthers claw the Crimsons

The Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP) Panthers defeated the Manual Crimsons Friday night by a score of 14-7. This ended the four game winning streak for the Crimsons against the Panthers.

During the last minute of the game, the Crimsons were at the Panther’s goal line. Each attempt at a run-in for a touchdown was stopped by PRP’s defense causing a turnover on downs and leaving the score at 14-7, Panthers.

First quarter

During the first quarter, both Manual’s offense and defense were weak compared to PRP’s. The Crimsons started out with possession of the ball but soon gave it back after gaining only two yards before a fourth down.

“Our defensive side of the football is who we have to rely on these days, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” PRP Head Coach Tommy Williams said. “In this district it’s tough to get wins, and we will take them however we can get them.”

Manual’s defense let PRP make several short passes and then run for first down. PRP’s offense was able to slip past Manual and run for at least 10 yards in most of the plays.

Once PRP moved to the Crimson’s 20 yard line, Manual’s defense improved. They were able to push PRP back, and at fourth down the Panthers had 27 yards to go.

The store remained 0-0 at the end of the quarter.

Second quarter

PRP’s offense continued to dominate with several short passes that would usually give them first down. Manual’s defense was unable to stop many of the passes.

“Our first half was just kind of lifeless and things weren’t going our way,” Manual Head Coach Scott Carmony said.

PRP was able to score both of their touchdowns during the second quarter. The first touchdown was made by Dewayne Hall (#11).

Following an interception after an attempt at a long pass by Manual, Malik Bradley (#22) was able to score the Panther’s second and final touchdown of the night towards the end of the half.

The Crimsons trailed the Panthers 14-0 going into halftime.

Third quarter

Manual’s offense and defense strengthened greatly in the second half. The Crimson’s offense was able to pass the ball to first down multiple times.

“After being down the first half, we came back in the second half and fought as hard as we have all year,” said Manual’s Quarterback Zach Recktenwald (#17, 10).

The Crimson’s tried to run in for a touchdown, but they faced a turnover due to downs.

PRP’s quarterback Bj Robinson (#2) held strong throughout the third quarter. Manual was unable to sack him when presented the opportunities.

Fourth quarter

Throughout the fourth quarter, Manual had trouble getting the ball down the field and usually went to fourth down.

Due to the score with the Crimsons 14 points behind, they usually played through fourth down rather than punting it. Most of the time they were able to hold onto possession of the ball.

The Panther’s defense was still very strong in the fourth quarter, especially when Manual attempted to run with the ball.

Manual’s Marcis Floyd (#2, 12) scored the Crimson’s only touchdown of the night after being first and goal at the Panther’s goal line.

The Crimson’s defense played very strong following Floyd’s touchdown and were able to regain possession of the ball in the last three minutes of the game.

After several successful passes, Manual found themselves at the Panther’s goal line for multiple downs. With only seconds remaining in the game, PRP’s defense stuffed Manual’s Aidan Robbins (#7, 11) leading to a turnover on downs at the goal line.

“We came back in the second half and fought hard. We did our job and executed during the second half,” said Robbins. “During the second half we had a lot more fight in us.”

The Crimsons fell 14-7 at the end of the game.

The team travels back home to play the Old Rivalry game against the Male Bulldogs at 7:30.

“Next week we’re going all out, we’re going to get the barrel back and we want our school spirit at an all time high against Male,” said Robbins.


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