R/W Week 2017: Crimsons prepare for Red/White week 2017


Nikhil Warrier

On October 13, Manual’s Executive Council (EC)—along with students from various clubs—stayed after school to set-up for this year’s Red/White Week.

Red/White Week is completely coordinated by students. The first step is transforming Manual’s hallways into a gallery of spirit; this is no easy task and requires months of planning and a single day to execute everything to perfection.

Alaina Ratanapool (12, HSU), the president of Executive Council, has been planning to make this year’s Red/White Week the most impactful.

“It’s busy and chaotic. It’s stressful and tiring, but it’s worth every hour. Setup is my favorite EC event,” Ratanapool said.

The most time-consuming part of setting up for Red/White Week was the process of blowing up 3,000 balloons. Students started early in their study skills classes and worked into the night to cover the entire main school building and YPAS.

Mansi Amin (10, MST) has helped set-up for Red-White week two years in a row.

“It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Everyone in EC worked really hard and we are all really proud of the end results,” Amin said.

Red/White week begins on Monday, October 16 with the theme Scholars vs. Ballers.