R/W Week 2017: Students and staff come together for the burial of the bulldog


Nick Kopp

The Manual student body gathered in the auditorium on Thursday morning to “bury” the Bulldog. The annual tradition takes place on the Thursday of Red/White Week each year.

In 2016, administrators moved the Dooms Day burial from center hall to the auditorium in order to accommodate for more students.

“I definitely think that’s the best move. In the [center] hall, it’s very crowded, and not everyone could see. It was kind of on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the auditorium, everyone has a seat, and we can all see,” Jackson Medley (12, HSU) said.

Sam Green (12, YPAS) delivered a passionate eulogy for the late bulldog. Green energized the packed auditorium with his fiery words.

“We will not miss this bulldog, for he is 100 percent replaceable. This bulldog was envious–envious of our success, envious of our ACT scores,” Green said.

Green delivers his eulogy for the bulldog to a crowd of anticipating students. Photo by Bryce Grant.

Green then led the crowd in the perennial chant, “All my life, I’ve wanted to kill a bulldog!”

Students said they enjoyed the fact that a fellow classmate played a bigger part in the ceremony this year.

“I thought it was really good. It was cool to see a student do it instead of [Assistant Principal Mr.] Kuhn; it brought a new and interesting perspective. He [Green] did a good job of having a good balance of funny and serious,” Alexis Embry (12, HSU) said.