The Future of RedEye

1. Power Structure

5 Person Editorial Board

Copy Editor

Managing Editor

Design Editor

Multimedia Director

Social Media Director

2. Responsibilites

Decision making

Planning of events

Non-consensus-voted on by staff

3. Teams

Made up of staffers based on interests

Potentially 5, 2-3 person teams under each editor

  • New Logo for RedEye and The CSPN
  • New background image on site
  • New slogan
  • New font
  • Better press passes
  • More, shorter pitch meetings
  • Do more features
  • Do more opinions and editorials
  • Point system
  • Trello
  • Pitch meeting format
  • Freedom to choose stories
  • Big, long-term, whole staff involved projects like Red/White Week and 12 Days of Manual
  • Keep breaking news team