Chromatic Senior Art show opens at Manual


Nikhil Warrier

The Chromatic art show’s “Beyonce wall.” Photo by Nikhil Warrier

The first senior art show of the school year, “Chromatic,” opened Wednesday in the Norma E. Brown gallery. Chromatic showcased works by Lilly Kass, Gabriella Rivera, Mahamud Osman, Megan Tyrrell, Bree McWhorter, Jonah Gelhaus, Mac Daum, Aditi Kannan and Claudia Pham.

The planning for the art show began in September of this year with the artists grouping together to pick an appropriate theme.

“Chromatic means multiple colors, and since we all use such vibrant and different colors we decided it would be the most inclusive theme that would apply to all of our art,” Kannan said.

“Sounds Like a Personal Problem” by Aditi Kannan, acrylic, oil pastel. Photo by Nikhil Warrier.

After selecting an appropriate theme, the artists collaborated to express their theme throughout their show. The art and decoration were specifically chosen to showcase the wide array of personalities within the group of artists.

“The show, from the beginning, I knew was going to be pretty hard. We had to accommodate [for] each other because there were so many ideas and we just had to pick one. Chromatic worked well with all of our pieces and represented us as a group,” Pham said.

Setting up the Norma E. Brown gallery required the artists to buy their own decorations for their “Beyonce wall” (the wall showcasing the artists’ portraits), stay after school to display all of the art and obtain refreshments for the viewers.

“It is a month long process. It involves a couple of late nights, and a few days where I got home at 7:30 p.m.,” Kannan said.

Doug Deweese (Visual Arts) has mentored the artists through their journey to prepare the show.

“The first art show really sets the bar, and they really surpassed my expectations,” said Deweese.

Students were able to see a four-year compilation of the seniors’ work, as well as write comments.

“The collection of drafts is really quite breathtaking. It’s thematically cohesive and I really like the pop art element, which I haven’t seen a whole lot of in these shows. It turned out great from what I can see,” Deirdre Welch (11, J&C) said.

The art show will remain open for the next 10 school days.