Student senate launches into new school year with change in structure

Joey Demarco

The duPont Manual Student Senate had its first meeting of the year Tuesday, setting up its goals and plans of action for the year ahead.

The biggest change came in the form of the structure of the Senate. According to MST representative Jack Grundy (12), senators will be divided amongst five committees: Allocation, Magnets, School Atmosphere, Curriculum, and Classroom Procedures. “The committees are composed not just of the students, but of parents and teachers as well,” Grundy said.

These committees are formed with the purpose of giving the students more of a chance to have their say in school decisions.  Grundy said that the Senate wants to throw out “the idea that the Senate doesn’t actually do anything,” and this change is meant to help.

Officer positions were also assigned, the winners including Meghamsh Kanuparthy (12, MST) as Chairman, Julian Wright (11, CMA)  as Vice Chairman, Miranda Thompson (12, CMA) as Secretary, and Matt Garofalo (12, HSU) as Treasurer.

The Senate meets the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month in room 224. All Manual students are allowed to attend Senate meetings to express their own ideas.