St. Joseph Children’s Home in need of helping hands

Alexa Pence

St. Joseph Children’s home, located at 2823 Frankfort Avenue, is looking for high school volunteers to help with necessary everyday tasks.
Sally Walko, Development Associate for the St. Joseph Children’s Home, said many volunteer opportunities currently await many high school students in the Louisville area. “There are three main ways to put one’s talents to good use,” Walko said. “There’s daycare, where students can get service hours through the Child Development Center (CDC); residential, in which students can spend time with the children living at St. Joseph; and for the organization-inclined, the foster care/adoption resource room,” she said.
“Our mission at St. Joseph’s is to give children a home,” Walko said. St. Joseph houses forty residents, ranging in age from four to eighteen, and provides daycare for a sum of 170 children, ages from six weeks old through preschool.
“We have teens come in after school hours to rock babies and to play with the children in daycare; we also do game nights and arts and crafts for the residential kids,” Walko said. “Then there is the resource room that needs help planning parties, such as our Halloween party coming up!”
Students can go to this website to see if St. Joseph’s mission is something of interest. To volunteer, students can contact Kate Biagi at [email protected] or (502)-893-0241 for a discussion about which of their talents would best benefit the children.
The next orientation date is Friday, October 11, 2011, beginning at 6:30, at the home’s location on Frankfort Avenue.

“Volunteers give a diversion from the regular staff. Each volunteer brings something special into a child’s life,” Walko said. “I think that high school students coming into St. Joseph will be made aware that the children in our community have needs. We house some of the most abused children in Kentucky, but our kids are like any others, only they have been put in these unfortunate situations,” she said.

Alexandria Pence is a member of DuPont Manual’s speech team and aspires to be a broadcast journalist or a magazine photo project’s director in the future. She has her sights set on Drake University and the University of Florida among others.