Gay-Straight Alliance meets to discuss equality

Brittany Nelson

The Gay-Straight Alliance held its first meeting this Monday at its regular time and location, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in room 133, to discuss various topics about gay rights and fairness.

The club encourages anyone in any grade to join to help support equal rights and issues in the gay community. Discussion topics vary from gay rights in the news to gay rights in government, to the AIDS issue, to personal stories, to facts, to recruitment ideas for the club.

This club formed unofficially a few years ago, but was told last year after efforts to become an official club that it had existed for longer than that.

“We sent a letter to the School Board Decision Making council and they responded and told me technically there has been a GSA for fifteen years,” said Kelsey McKim (12). McKim has been a part of GSA since sophomore year and is now Club President.

The information that the club was, in fact, official meant that in the coming years the club could have certain club privileges, such as fundraising, which it plans to make use of this year, according to McKim.
Ms. Christy Causey, the GSA sponsor, is a supporter of the club’s goals. “Mr. Taylor approached me and asked me if I wanted to sponsor a Gay-Straight Alliance club, and I said ‘Heck yes!’. I believe in equality,” she said.
Maura Hayse (10), treasurer of GSA, said she joined to inform people. “Narrow-mindedness has always bothered me. People should know the real facts about the gay community,” she said.

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