Art Club prepares for St. James Art Fair, produces twenty unique notecards

Brent Wesley

Art Club typically begins with an air of excitement as participants gather supplies and dig into ice cream; this was the scene on September 14 in room 353 at 2:30 P.M., as the group began to construct what are known as the St. James notecards.

Every year the Manual Art Club takes its notecards to the St. James Art Fair and sells them to help raise money for VA.

“[We sell] six individual cards for $5 a pack. We also sell oil paintings for $10 – $20,” Mr. Doug Deweese (VA) said.

The main focus in Art Club is to get people to understand the importance of art in the VA magnet. “We try to get people to take VA more seriously,” said Katlyn Thompson (11).

Megan King (11) is a student in the HSU magnet who, along with some other non-VA students, decided to join the club so she could make more friends and improve her art skills while enjoying Art Club’s friendly environment. “I like art,” King said. “The reason I joined is because most of the soccer girls decided to join to have another way to bond.”

The meeting ended on a positive note when 20 notecards had been completed. “I just like to come here and make art with friends,” said Emilee Ward (11). “I like art a lot.”