Board approves new priority school framework and budget increase


Sabrina Naser

Tuesday’s Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Board of Education meeting introduced a reformed framework for Accelerated Improvement Schools (AIS), previously known as “priority schools.”

The board voted unanimously in favor for the framework with a 4-0 ruling.

The three goals that the framework introduced are Culture of Achievement, Accelerated Leadership & Capacity Building and the Six Systems of an Effective Learning Climate.

The Board also approved a property tax increase for this upcoming year in a unanimous vote, which would aide in school facility repairs and technology for the JCPS Backpack initiative.

This the first time the Board has requested a tax increase in the past five years, with the last being being in the 2013-2014 school year.

“Our plan for facilities focuses on and addresses issues throughout our community in this city that haven’t been addressed in years, so I’m very excited,” Superintendent Marty Polio said about the increased budget for JCPS.

A portion of the new budget will also be used for incentive pay for teachers in AIS.

The AIS framework will also put a focus on Extended School Services (ESS) students in JCPS schools, with a goal for smaller class sizes and more analysis on whether ESS students are where they need to be in reading literacy. 

The full meeting is available on the board’s YouTube channel: