OPINION: Mr. Farmer will uphold Manual’s principles


Olivia Dawson

This editorial was submitted by former Editor-in-Chief, Olivia Dawson (c/o 2018, J&C). She currently attends Western Kentucky University as a Political Science and History major.

Bringing back a familiar face will be the right choice in terms of designating new administration at Manual. The decision will allow the already established and varied viewpoints to flourish without constraint and by appointing Mr. Farmer, a new diverse perspective will be brought to the Manual community aiding in the representation of student minorities.

Diversity is one of the main pillars that Manual so proudly displays on signs outside the building, on banners in the hallway and on promotional materials; yet it has been a struggle to foster within the school. In the past, administration has been entirely white, perhaps failing to represent the 35.8 percent of students who identify as non-white.

These students are less represented in school decisions that affect the climate of the building and they have few resources that go beyond intersectionality clubs and the handful of teachers of color who may be of assistance.

As the Mayes situation unfolded towards the end of the 2017-2018 school year, it was evident that students of color had lost any remaining trust they had in their principal. While alumni spoke and wrote about uncomfortable encounters with Mayes, the chatter over the recordings proved it all too real. 

The Black Student Union held sit-ins and Q&A sessions signifying the discontent of Mayes’ actions and the handling of the situation by Jefferson County Public Schools and the Board of Education. The hard work and struggles of minority students over the years should not go unrecognized.

This is why it is so important to have a black principal at Manual. Students need a welcoming authority figure that they can look up to.

Students shouldn’t be scared to talk to their principal.

School should be a safe place for students going through a crucial time of growth and self-discovery to have administrators as mentors who promote their success.

For another recap of the student voice forum, CSPN-TV has compiled footage from the event including each individual response from Dr. Look and Mr. Farmer. To be redirected, click here.

Featured image by Josh Jean-Marie (c/o 2016, J&C).