Vocal majors hold recital for their underclassmen

Taylor Browning

On September 12, 2011 the junior and senior YPAS choir students performed a recital for the underclassmen.

“Freshmen and musical theater students are required to attend the recital to see what the vocal department is about. It also shows what is expected from Dr. Glasscock in class,” Allison Bray (10) said. 

Choir students are placed in classes like Vocal Development, Ladies’ Ensemble, Gentlemen’s Ensemble, and Concert Choir. They work in class everyday to prepare for concerts and recitals, performed throughout the year.

Recitals give the opportunity for vocal majors to perform solos and show their individual talent, while concerts are for the ensemble classes to show how they perform as a whole.

“I like recitals better because you only have to rely on the individual strengths, and not the entire group,” said Micah McClain (12).

YPAS ensembles perform multiple times through the school year, both recitals and concerts. All performances are open to the public, and there is one coming up this fall.  

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