SBDM meets to discuss reform and new policies

Kelsi White

The duPont Manual SBDM (Site-Based Decision Making) council met September 7 to discuss new decisions and policies.

Among the issues discussed were the rationale behind the use of graduation cords, presented by Ms. Elizabeth Palmer (CMA); revisions to the YPAS audition adjudication forms by Mr. J.C. Reedy (YPAS); a request for the implementation of an ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) as a co-curricular club by Mr. Todd O’Bryan (Technology) presented by Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies); as well as the effectiveness and use of Parent Portal by all involved parties.

The proposal for the new ACM co-curricular club by O’Bryan (Technology) would give students the use of premier scientific computing technology that could potentially aid them in their future career. “[The ACM program] seems like it will bring a lot of good technology to our school. As a member of the MST magnet, I think that newer, better technology will make our school stronger,” Clare Grady (11) said. 

According to SBDM board member Allison Hunt (Social Studies), “[SBDM] began as a part of KERA (Kentucky Education Reform Act) in the ‘90s as a system where the district had less control over the policies of the school,” Ms. Hunt said. “They believe it is important to have stakeholders at the school involved.”

According to its mission statement, the Manual SBDM council was established to “exercise its responsibility to set school policy in the areas specified in the law.” The committee members, headed by Principal Larry Wooldridge, meet approximately once a month to discuss current and future policies to be instituted by the school.

The next SBDM meeting will be held on October 5.

Kelsi White is a junior in the Communications department. She is a part of the 2011-2012 Crimson Yearbook staff, as well as a member of the varsity field hockey team, Y-Club, Action for Africa and Beta Club.