Manual’s political clubs create open weekly forum for discussion

Mesa Serikali

Manual’s two political clubs, open to all students, meet every Friday. Young Republicans club is in the morning before school in Mr. Richard Sharp’s (Human Geography) room; Young Democrats is held after school in the library until 3:00 P.M. and is sponsored by Mr. Hank Watson (Library).

Students attend these clubs as a way to discuss political views together and get involved in local elections. For some students, attending the clubs helps them gain insight on who to vote for in the upcoming election in November.

Jesse Shelburne (10), a new member of the Young Democrats club, said, “I wanted to become more politically aware about what’s happening in our country.”

A lot of the students in these groups, both Republican and Democratic, find that having political groups at Manual is important.

Andrew Bratton (10), who is participating in the Young Republicans club for his second year, said, “Political clubs at schools are great in that they establish a sense of community between a group of very different people that may have otherwise never met.”

Mr. Watson finds the club’s goals important as well. “It’s important on a high school level to be civic minded, regardless of political preference,” he said.