Breakdance club plans first meeting for September 15

Alexis Weaver

The breakdance club is planning to have its first meeting/practice on September 15 in Ms. Kim Herndon’s dance studio, which is located in the YPAS Annex, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Just last year, Peter Thai (10) sought help to start the breakdance club from former Manual students Kris Stein and Joey Cheadle.

Thai was introduced to break dancing by his older brother. “I wanted to start a club at school and turn it into a fashion,” Thai said.

The club does not require fees to join, but it does have one rule: “We are not liable for any injuries,” said Thai. “It’s a fun after-school activity, and I dont want people to take it too seriously.”

“I learned about breakdance club from all the posters last year,” Alex Gossen (11) said. “I actually took one off the wall and carried it around with me so I wouldn’t forget to go to the club.”

“I’m a very serious break dancer,” Gossen said. “I started [break]dancing in January and immediately fell in love with it. I didn’t have much time to practice during the school year, but during summer I began practicing two to three hours a day.”
Participants don’t need any previous knowledge or training to attend the practices. University of Louisville students Ben Duncan, Gregory Bissell, Young Choi and Max Belliard come to practices and teach all kinds of spins and footwork.

As for the future, Thai is hoping to have a committed group willing to learn routines so they will be able and ready to perform during school pep rallies. 

Alexis is a Junior, her main interest in CMA is Photography. She assists Stephanie Henry, Junior Class President, with the the Class Activities. She is also apart of Leadership with Campus Life. Her career goal is to become a Pharmacist, become successful and then own her own photography studio.