Manual and YPAS will have major renovations in 2019


JCPS Headquarters the day of the rally. Photo by Phoebe Monseur.

Reece Gunther

Manual and the Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS) will undergo major renovations next year totalling $29,937,411 for both schools, after the Jefferson County Board of Education approved both contract proposals this past summer.

On June 26, 2018, the Board of Education approved Pickett Passafiume Architects to prepare plans and specifications for the project, “Project 19-004.”

According to the renovation contract for Manual, Intertech Mechanical Services “will replace the entire HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system, electrical switchgear, partial roof replacement, security, fire alarm, ceilings and lights.”

The total project cost for Manual is $28,936,950. This money goes toward the total construction cost of $25,700,000. The board also plans to spend $1,631,950 on architect and engineer faculty fees.

The estimated cost for furnishings and equipment is $70,000. This includes money for computers, technological network system (KETS), site survey, geotechnical investigations, special inspections, commissioning, advertising and printing.

The board also allocated $1,285,000 for unexpected costs and risks. The rest of the money is split up for “other probable costs,” including “surveys/reimbursables/testing/monitoring/moving” ($125,000), asbestos abatement ($100,000) and owner furnished contractor installed equipment ($25,000).

YPAS will undergo a HVAC renovation totalling $1,000,461.50. The detailed breakdown of the financial construction plan at YPAS has not been released.

The Board of Education has not set a date for these projects to begin, however Dr. Mike Raisor, chief operations officer for the district, introduced the plan for Manual this past July. Raisor announced the plan for YPAS Tuesday night.

The board has not yet released many details pertaining to the renovations, however all JCPS schools will eventually undergo energy saving investments including LED lighting, new windows, geothermal heating and cooling and in some schools, solar power.

All schools will feature enhanced security services such as digital cameras and centralized alarms and monitoring.

The district also released the Vision 2020 Facilities Initiative which includes building a large elementary school which would hold two elementary schools that would be combined into the bigger building.

The district will, by 2020, build a new resides middle school due to Carrithers, Crosby and Ramsey Middle Schools all being over 110% capacity.

There are also plans to either sell or repurpose the VanHoose Education Center and move the JCPS central office to a “new, modern location.”

Superintendent Marty Pollio describes the renovations as necessary, but in dire need of updates. A detailed construction and renovation plan will be released by 2020.