LAHSO hosts panel


Maya Joshi

Manual’s Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO) held a panel of Latinx and Hispanic people from the community on Friday Sept. 28 from 3 to 5 p.m. Spanish teachers Ana Castro and Yolanda Breeding-Hale sponsored the panel, titled Hispanic Heritage Month Panel: Nuestra Herencia, or Our Heritage.

The panel, moderated by Arianna Moya (12, J+C), began with an introduction from LAHSO officer Sara Busaleh (12, HSU) and new Principal Mr. Farmer. After the introduction, which included the definitions of several important terms such as Latinx, Hispanic and Latino, the panelists held their guided discussion until they began their Q&A session. The panel consisted of Melanie Hughes (12, HSU), Melissa Perello (12, J+C), Roxana Castillo (12, VA), Tori Vestal (12, HSU), Francisco Mendes (12, MST), Marco Munoz (12, MST) and his father, Dr. Marco Munoz.