R/W Week 2018: Seniors seal the deal in powderpuff


Photo by Piper Hansen.

Piper Hansen

The seniors won the annual powderpuff game against the juniors 13-12 tonight at Manual Stadium.

Both teams showed great defense and offense during the entire game.

The junior team was led by Savina Zamborini (11, HSU) and the senior team was led by Kiah Cox (12, VA) and Meryck Hardley (12, HSU). Both carried out instructions from their coaches and helped their teams to score points.

Within the first quarter, both teams had advanced up and down the field, allowing them to both score once.

After the seniors made their first touchdown, they followed it with a successful field goal, making the score 7-6, seniors, at the end of the first half.

The annual half-time performance included intricately choreographed dances by male cheerleaders from both junior and senior teams. The crowds and players of each team erupted in screaming and clapping as they performed.

During the second half, the senior team played more offensively, having possession of the ball at the start of the half.

They switched out players often and made sure that they were playing aggressively. After another touchdown from the juniors, the seniors began their defensive line.

The senior coaches instructed their players to keep eyes on the outside so that no juniors could run around them and get to the end zone. The girls focused on passing instead of holding on to the ball and running with it.

The seniors scored another touch down and a successful field goal was added to the score, making it 13-12, seniors.

Toward the end of the game, with roughly five minutes left on the clock, the junior coaches called frequent timeouts, trying to make sure their girls knew the play and where to run. However, the senior defense was too hard to get past, and despite their best efforts, the juniors had no chance to score again.