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21c Museum Hotel Louisville and Kentucky College of Art and Design held an exclusive artist talk with Anthony Schrag on Sept. 20 to invite artists and peers to create works through the participation of the public.

Schrag is a artist and researcher raised in Scotland with a passion to vocalize what art is doing and how the public’s participation energizes the power of art.

“Art is the way we ask questions about the world and I think it’s important to reflect and challenge ourselves. For me, art is how I find my answers about life and how we fit into the  world rather than how the world shapes us,” Schrag said.

During the talk, Schrag mentioned how art needs participation to challenge our interpretation of art.  Schrag introduced the idea that public must participate to know the message is successful, whether it be playing five strand tug of war, wrestling, or even dressing as a human pinata.

“Participation has no preset outcomes,if you’re participating with someone, you are equal, at that moment their ideas may be different. The risk is challenging yourself to trust in the purpose,” Schrag said.

With a series of his performances, intricate flips and acrobatics, he demonstrated to the crowd how “It’s not his art that hangs, it’s him.”  As the talk concluded, it was followed by a reception for audience members to ask the artist questions, eat, and discuss the impact of the museum’s presence.

Moira Payne, President of the Kentucky College of Art and Design said, “Anthony’s commitment to work in the community and the agenda to collaborate visual and performance art is phenomenal. 21c and KYCAD’s teamwork to promote the engagement of dialogue makes the power of art more accessible”.

Many of the participants were artists, teachers, instructors, and students from Louisville and throughout the United States.

“I come to 21c often as a local artist to remind myself that art refreshes what life is about and why we’re living. 21c has always been like a free education resource to have lectures, performances,and works at your fingertips,” said Monica Mahoney.

Through the audience’s questions asked, laughter, and participation with the artist, 21c provides an introduction to the realms of art.

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