Six tips for a successful friendsgiving


Jack Bell

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that brings together families to give thanks for anything and everything, from pets to the ability to get a free education. In addition to Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is a version of the holiday but specifically to thank your friends.

This year, Friendsgiving falls on Nov. 22, the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Use this list of tips to have a successful Friendsgiving this year.

1. Every invitee brings a dish

Thanksgiving Dinner” by Keith Ivey is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. No changes were made to the original image. Use of the image does not indicate photographer endorsement of the article. For the full license, click here.

Making food is often hard and even harder to make in mass quantities for a large group of you and your friends.

When sending out invitations for your Friendsgiving, make sure everyone knows that they should bring their own dish. Whether it be something small like bread or something bigger like a turkey, there will be a variety of dishes and it will make your Friendsgiving more special for your group.

2. Choose a theme

Outfits, decorations, food and much more can be easily panned with a good theme. Themes can be simple like fall colors, winter wonderland or pajama party or you can make your get together more specialized to your friend group by making a theme from a TV show you watch together or based on an inside joke.

“We chose a fall colors theme for our Friendsgiving,” Reagan Work (11, MST) said. “It was simple but made getting everything for the party so much easier.”

3. Have one big table

Do NOT exclude! Friendsgiving is all about being together to celebrate each other and show thankfulness for having each other in our lives so make sure to have one big table.

4. Watch a movie after

A fun thing to do while your food digests after your Friendsgiving is to watch a movie. Gather together and bundle up to a classic or something the whole group wants to watch.

5. Pictures

Good memories are always great to have and you can achieve this with a good picture. Everyone wants a good picture to post on their social media, a good way to ensure this happens is to set up a photo booth or area.

6. Send out invitations

Make sure everyone knows the date. Setting the date a good two weeks ahead of time can help give people time to plan and make sure they can attend the dinner. You can easily find templates for invitations on websites and in stores!