Several CMA students are named finalists through National Scholastic Press Association

Julia Nguyen

On September 12, several Communications/Media Arts (CMA) students were announced as finalists for national awards from the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA).

The students were nominated for their works in the Crimson Record, the Crimson yearbook, and Manual RedEye and included finalists for Design of the Year and for Story of the Year -Multimedia Package. It was the first time Manual RedEye or the Crimson Record received national recognition.

The individual finalists were Sally George (class of 2011) for Picture of the Year- Sports Reaction, published in the yearbook; Virginia Johnson (12) for Design of the Year- Newsmagazine Cover, published in the Crimson Record; and Ben Wade (class of 2011) for Editorial Cartoon of the Year, published in the yearbook.

These students were finalists for Story of the Year-Multimedia Package for their breaking news reporting on former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and the Egyptian Revolution last year: Laurel Battey (12), Julian E. Wright (11), Renee Groulx (12), Ridley Prewitt (12), Charley Nold (12), Colleen Kidd (12), and Clayton Olash (12).

Several members of the class of 2011 were also nominated as finalists for their work on the package: Marianna Michael, Brigette Bailey, Nicholas Beckman, Nash Whaley, Tyler Sherek, and Trevor Griner.

Johnson, finalist for Design of the Year, said, “I was really surprised when I saw it. It was the first real cover I did for our newsmagazine style, so I didn’t really expect to get much recognition for it. It’s the Crimson Record’s first national award and I’m so lucky to be part of it.”

Wright, one of the finalists for the Story of the Year-Multimedia Package, said that he was honestly surprised. “When the Mubarak story first broke, we covered it because it needed to be covered. Winning an award was the last thing on any of our minds,” he said.

During a CMA field trip to the NSPA fall convention in Minneapolis this November, these students will find out if they have won first place awards for their category.

Ms. Liz Palmer (CMA) said, “(The CMA teachers) are thrilled because for the first time, CMA has made the finalist award list for individual student awards in a number of areas.”