Five local Louisville bands


Payton Carns

Louisville is home to a variety of bands and singers of different genres that go unheard of. Here are five bands that originated in Louisville and still tour locally today.

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is an indie rock band formed in Louisville in 1998. Singer and songwriter Jim James formed the band and members have come and gone over the years. The current members are Jim James, Tom Blankenship, Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster and Carl Broemel.

While the band is not currently on tour, lead singer Jim James is doing an acoustic tour and has a show upcoming in Louisville on Nov. 21 during Thanksgiving break. Tickets for their shows are easily affordable and the smaller venues provide a more intimate feel during the show. You can click here for tickets.

Quiet Hollers

Quiet Hollers is an alternative country band that formed in Louisville in 2010. Their first album I Am the Morning that debuted in 2013 was a success in the U.S. and started their career, but their self-titled album in 2015 widened their scope and the band was able to tour Europe. Their new album Amen Breaks ties together modern entertainment and politics as the attempt to tackle topics of mental illness and sexuality. The band is currently touring and still enjoys doing local shows at smaller venues. They will be in Louisville at Copper and Kings this Saturday, Nov. 10. You can click here to buy tickets.


Vandaveer is an indie folk band that formed in Louisville in 2007. Vandaveer started as a solo artist but has since emerged as a duo band with many collaborations. Since then, they have released five full-length albums and three EPs. Vandaveer has reached many successes, one being collaborating with former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. While they are not currently on tour, they are still making music and will continue to play shows at local venues around Louisville. For updates on possible shows, click here.

Before the Streetlights

Before the Streetlights is a pop band that formed in Louisville in 2011. They started as a garage band but then released their first EP in 2014, starting off their career. Since then, they have released one other EP and a full-length album. They just concluded their tour, but they are continuing to release music and will likely go on tour sometime in the future. For possible tour updates, click here.

Bridge 19

Bridge 19 is a pop folk band based in Louisville and the Louisville area. Since they started, they have released two full-length albums and two singles. They have received a few honorable mentions being a finalist at the Louisville Music Awards for folk music, and being number 14 on WFPL’s top 100 albums list. They are doing a variety of private events around Louisville and Lexington. For updates for ticket sales and possible tours, click here.

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