Environmental Club searches for ’11-’12 project, gets two new sponsors

Graham Manuel

The Environmental Club is working to find a new project to work on after completing last year’s project. The club was able to put a silver reclamation apparatus in the photo lab to filter out chemicals that were previously being drained into sinks.

While the club works to find a new project, they will continue work on projects from previous years. “We want to continue with the garden and encourage actual environmental action with individual members of the club like carpooling and saving water,” Nikita Perumal (12) said.

“We are dedicated toward our cause and are working to become more organized to ensure the success of our projects,” Cassie Wolf (12) said.

The Environmental Club is working on new project ideas with their new sponsors, Ms. Joan Perkins and Ms. Kristen Kesler, after the retirement of Dr. Crawford last year.

“The new sponsors seem dedicated to our cause. They have big shoes to fill after Dr.Crawford, but I know they can do it,” Bryson Boling (12) said.

The club meets Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. in room 210.