Keep your health in mind during National Fast Food Day


Reece Gunther

National Fast Food Day is every Nov. 16. Each year, fast food restaurants compete to attract customers on the momentous day. Several fast food restaurants are offering deals today and through the weekend.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many people rely on fast food during the week leading up to Turkey Day, probably because of the extensive cooking that will take place during the holiday season.

Here are some of the deals to take advantage of this weekend:

However, it is important to keep in mind that fast food is not always a healthy food choice. Some restaurants are healthier than others, but most fast food places offer healthy options.

More recently, fast food organizations have made their nutritional facts public knowledge, both online and in the restaurants. For those who crave fast food but want to keep track of their health, this is a huge step forward for many fast food franchises.

Certain fast food restaurants offer less healthy items than others, and while the focus of fast food is to get food quickly at a decent price, it’s important to factor in the healthiness of the establishment when selecting a place to eat.

The infographic below details the most unhealthy fast food restaurants at the top, increasing in healthiness as you go down. The criteria for health ratings were based on the average restaurant calories, protein, fats, sodium and cholesterol. Per capita, here is the breakdown of the most unhealthy fast food restaurants:

  1. McDonalds: 91
  2. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): 90
  3. Five Guys: 90
  4. Burger King: 89
  5. Taco Bell: 83
  6. Zaxby’s: 81
  7. Wendy’s: 79
  8. Qdoba: 75
  9. Raising Cane’s: 72
  10. Dairy Queen: 70
  11. Sonic: 68
  12. Rally’s: 68
  13. Chipotle: 54
  14. White Castle: 53
  15. Arby’s: 51
  16. Jimmy Johns: 51
  17. Chick-fil-a: 47
  18. Subway: 43
  19. Panera Bread: 40

KFC” by Mike Mozart is licensed under CC BY 2.0. No changes were made to the original image. Use of the photo does not indicate author endorsement of the article. For the full license, click here