Class of 2021 Steering Committee after R/W Week


Guest Contributor

This post was submitted to Manual RedEye by Alana Fields (10, J&C).

Steering Committee is a club designed for each class in order to organize and lead school events. At the beginning of the year, Steering Committee’s meetings are centered around pep rallies. However, that is solely one of the jobs Steering Committee fulfills through its club meetings.

One of the most important events for class of 2021 Steering Committee is Red/White Week. Steering Committee also plans many class events and fundraisers after the rivalry week.

“We spend the majority of our meetings decorating posters and coming up with cool sayings to put on posters, and Red/White Week is so fun to make posters for,” Olivia Robinson (10, HSU) said.   

Red/White Week allows each class to showcase their best posters in a given hallway and Steering Committee is in charge of creating these class posters. Steering Committee’s class of 2021 won: best hallway decorating, best pep rally decorating and placed second overall for the spirit key.

However, after Red/White Week has ended, class of 2021 Steering Committee continues to meet and represent their class for school activities.

“I think a lot of people think Steering Committee is just for Red/White Week but we do a lot through the rest of the year,” Grace Eads (10, HSU) said.

Class of 2021’s Steering Committee is run by the class sponsor, Ms. Rebecca Raley (Family Consumer Science), and meetings are held each Monday from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The rest of the year for Steering Committee will be devoted to choosing class representatives and planning for winter homecoming.

“We have some fun surprises for winter homecoming that I think all classes at Manual will be excited about,” Emma Rose (10, HSU) said.

If you are looking to join Steering Committee, ask your classmates or meet with your class representative. It’s a club centered around school-spirit, pride, and planning both for Manual your respected class.

“Steering Committee is a relaxed, fun place to meet with friends and plan class events,” Byron Mayes (10, JC) said.