Today’s Tech: Consumer tech revolution

Todays Tech: Consumer tech revolution

Burak Aslan

Everyone has a smartphone these days. You can’t find a single teenager without a smartphone or laptop. Sometimes I get sick of seeing it. “BRB texting my bff” — please just type it out! BE RIGHT BACK. Technology has evolved so much since we last knew it. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony are all making these devices more and more affordable for everyday use. People can’t get through a single day without updating their status on Facebook or tweeting about how “school sucks”.

Netbooks have literally disappeared. One day they’re here and the next day they’re gone.  I personally hated netbooks! I didn’t see a reason for them. Netbooks are basically a crappy laptop with a longer battery life and smaller design. I don’t see why you would want one. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, tablets have been taking over the portable computer market. They can do anything these days: taking notes, browsing the web, checking your email, it’s all there!

Ever since the iPad was released, consumers have been finding a new, more enjoyable way to use a tablet anywhere you go. Apple’s app store is filled with hundreds of applications to help you get through your day. They can help you take notes, look up the weather in your area, find a local restaurant to go to, or even help you on your way to your grandmother’s house. The possibilities are endless. People are buying more and more iDevices, Android devices, and Windows 7 Phones, which encourages developers to make even better apps. I don’t have an iPad, or any other tablet in that case, but if I did I would love it. I would love to find an alternative to bringing my laptop to class, and my phone just won’t do it.

I love how today’s companies are taking on a new approach to portability. Something that we can take anywhere we go and simplify our lives. My iPhone is a great tool. I use it as an alarm clock to get up in the morning. I also use it as a camera. It replaces tools that I no longer need to have in my possession. I want to see that being done more in today’s technology.


Burak works on the staff at Manual’s RedEye website.