12 Days of Manual: Netflix’s hidden holiday gems


6th Avenue in Midtown New York City, all decked up for Christmas.

Jacob Hamm

While everyone knows of the vast array of Hallmark movies, Netflix has popped out some original holiday movies of their own in recent years. Here are a few of them:

The Princess Switch

Stacy and Kevin, the main characters, are co-owners of a bakery shop in Chicago, Illinois. When Kevin enters the pair into a prestigious baking competition in Belgravia, Stacy is hesitant, but eventually agrees to go. While there, she runs into Lady Margaret, the Duchess of Belgravia and Stacy’s doppelganger. The two decide to switch places and each begins a two-day adventure into the life of the other.

  • 6/10 IMDb
  • 89% Rotten Tomatoes

A Christmas Prince

Amber, an aspiring young journalist, is sent to Aldovia to cover the press conference of Prince Richard following his father’s death. When Richard doesn’t show up, Amber decides to do some snooping around the palace. After being mistaken for a tutor for Emily, the young princess, Amber, decides to try and use this as a way to get a big scoop on the royal family. She meets Richard and after learning that he is quite the opposite of his reputation, decides to instead write her story on this, hoping to help his image. Unfortunately for the both of them, Simon, Richard’s cousin, is desperate for the throne and has teamed up with Richard’s ex Sophia to get it.

  • 5.7/10 IMDb
  • 75% Rotten Tomatoes

The Holiday Calendar

Abby, a young but talented photographer, is unsure of where she is going in life. She aspires to have a career in photography but her family is unsupportive and she is struggling to pay the bills. When her grandfather gives her and old holiday advent calendar that used to belong to her grandmother, Abby is confused when the calendar seems to tell the future. Abby decides to follow the calendar’s clues, looking for love and purpose along the way.

  • 5.7/10 IMDb
  • 40% Rotten Tomatoes

Christmas Inheritance

Before Ellen Langford can inherit her father’s gift making business, she travel to her father’s hometown of Snow Falls and hand deliver a special Christmas card to her father’s former business partner, Zeke. However, she is stranded in the town when a snowstorm hits. She is short on money and is forced to work to help pay her way. She befriends the innkeeper, Jake, and helps the town rally through the snowstorm.

  • 5.7/10 IMDb
  • 50% Rotten Tomatoes

The Christmas Chronicles

When Claire, single mother of two, has to fill in for a coworker on Christmas Eve, she must leave her children, Teddy and Kate, home alone. Kate convinces Teddy to help her set a tripwire to alert her when Santa comes down the chimney. After it goes off, she comes downstairs, seeing him. She wakes her brother and, going outside, sees Santa’s sleigh and convinces her brother to get in it with her. Santa returns and begins to fly away with the children in tow but when they reveal themselves to him, is startled and crashes. The trio must then work together to retrieve Santa’s reindeer, gift bag and hat.

  • 7.2/10 IMDb
  • 69% Rotten Tomatoes

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