Manual’s Quick Recall team begins new practice season, holds tryouts for interested students

Paoli Ortiz

After members were selected in tryouts on August 29, the Quick Recall team held its first official meeting on September 12 in Mr. Raymund Krause’s (Psychology) room, room 121, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Eight Varsity and twelve Junior Varsity members were admitted. 

At the meeting, established members of the team emphasized that all members should go to every practice. The team generally runs questions at practices and has a few mandatory practices prior to a tournament.

Quick Recall meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 P.M. Junior Varsity practice is held in Mr. Krause’s room and Varsity in Mr. Christian Jensen’s (Math) room, room 306.

“The team is flexible about missing a few practices. If someone absolutely can’t make it, they don’t have to come, but Quick Recall is supposed to take highest priority,” said Ava Chen (11).

In a Quick Recall game, a moderator asks players questions about a variety of subjects — anything from science to literature to pop culture. Players answer toss-up questions individually. If a player answers a toss-up correctly, the moderator follows with a bonus question, on which the entire team collaborates and gives the answer to the captain, who responds.

According to Eliza Scruton (11), Quick Recall is competitive but still requires reliance on teammates. “We all have certain subject areas we focus on,” Scruton said. “Maybe on a science question, I won’t know the answer, so I have to rely on our science person to know the answer. But then on an art question, the same person will have to rely on me.” 

“I love the game,” said Chen, who has participated in Quick Recall since fifth grade. “There’s a sort of thrill in putting together the clues to get a point a fraction of a second before everyone else. Quick Recall is a speed game. You have to recognize the right asnwer and react to buzz in before the other team and your own teammates, or you dont get the point,” she said.

In addition to the quizzes, studying, and practice that Quick Recall requires, the game is beneficial to the members in less direct ways. “I’ve met so many of my friends, not just in Manual or in town schools, but also in other schools around the state and even around the country,” Chen said.

Paoli has been in the CMA Magnet at duPont Manual High School For three years. She has taken J1, Desktop Publishing, and is now currently taking J2 and Broadcasting. She enjoys the Communications and Media Arts program and hopes to become a journalist when she gets older.