Staff greets new assistant principal


Maya Joshi

New Assistant Principal Paula Boggs officially joined the Manual administration on Jan. 7, and attended the first school faculty meeting of 2019.

“I’m excited to be here,” Boggs said.

Manual administration had been unable to hire another AP for a while due to the site-based budget allocation, the amount of funding given by JCPS that they would haveve used for administrative hires, which at 75 percent of the amount required.

However this school year the budget changed, in part thanks to the efforts of Principal Darryl Farmer and Assistant Principal Vicki Lete, and they were able to hire a fourth AP.

Boggs’ duties will include overseeing the ECE department as well as the Senior class, and she will assist Principal Farmer and Assistant Principal Craig Klingenfus with curriculum and instructional decisions.

“She’s also going to work on climate and culture here at Manual high school,” Farmer said. Boggs’ first day at Manual was the students’ first day back to school after winter break, and she has had a busy first week.

“It’s a great place to be with lots of interesting, exciting things going on,” Boggs said.

“I look forward to her working here at Manual,” Farmer said.