VA and YPAS students find opportunities in Career Day

Vanderly Dang

On October 28, all Visual Arts (VA) and Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS) students will participate in Career Day, in which students show off their portfolios to college representatives.

Representatives from all across the country come to Manual to give students feedback on their work. Madison Koczo (12), a VA student, says, “It’s extremely valuable to have college-level art students help us form and mold our ideas.”

These students also receive information about scholarships, according to Ms. Suzanne Sidebottom (VA). Career Day also helps out seniors narrow down their choice for colleges. Koczo states, “You get a better idea of which colleges are looking for what.”

Monet Murry (10) recalls her first Career Day: “It was nice going to all of these different booths and asking them questions and have them answered. It just shows you how many opportunities are out there.”

CMA Sophomore.