Five local bands will perform tonight at Spinelli’s Pizza

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Sarah Woodson (10, J&C).

Five local bands will be performing at Spinelli’s Pizzeria downtown this Friday to celebrate lead bassist of Zerg Rush, Brett Ingy’s, 18th birthday. Music starts at 7 p.m., but doors open at 6:30 p.m.

The entry fee will be five dollars at the door and Spinelli’s Pizzeria will be selling their food as normal. Tickets will not be sold in advance. All ages are welcome to this event.

“It will be a great show our band, although it is only our third. I am very excited to see everyone come out to support us and celebrate Brett’s birthday,” Jack Foldyna (11, YPAS), drummer of City Killers & The Suspects said,

“I am looking forward for a night of fun. Our band has gotten a lot of attention lately, so I think there should be a pretty good amount of people there.” Brett Ingy, the lead bassist of Zerg Rush, said.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria has local music almost every Friday or Saturday night in the dining area of the Pizzeria. All types of music play and are encouraged to play.

Bands may sell their merchandise including T-shirts, stickers and patches ranging from five to ten dollars.

“I don’t want the weather to scare people off, although I know it might. The show must go on — rain or shine. There will be plenty of things to do to keep people interested, so people should definitely come out to see what we have in store,” Foldyna said,

There are other nearby attractions such as visiting the free art gallery at 21C or walking down 4th Street Live for before and after the event.

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