Girls’ lacrosse faces off in Florida during spring break


Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Katie Cummins (10, J&C).

The entire girls’ lacrosse team poses for a picture at ESPN World Wide of Sports. Photo by Kirk Muegge.

During spring break, the girls’ lacrosse team traveled down to Cocoa Beach, Florida to participate in several games.

They left Wednesday, Mar. 29 in the middle of the school day and returned to Louisville Tuesday, April 2 late at night.

They played several schools, including Vero Beach High School and Bishop Mano High School.

The varsity team played three games, winning two. The JV team also played three games and won two. The freshmen played and lost all three of their games.

The varsity team and the JV team split one game up, each playing two 15 minute quarters. They played the Sherborne School Freshman team who came all the way from the United Kingdom to play against teams in the United States.

“I think playing the team from the UK was my favorite part,” Natalie Milliken (10, HSU) said. “I liked hearing their accents.”

They played games near Cocoa Beach on Saturday and traveled to Orlando’s ESPN World Wide of Sports complex on Monday to play Shelborne.

On Saturday they went to the beach and on Sunday they visited the Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s primary launch center.

“The guy who spoke to us at the space center was really inspiring,” Breanna Booth (10, HSU) said. “He had done some really cool things like sit on Neil Armstrong’s lap.”

They traveled the thirteen hours to Cocoa Beach by bus. Many more girls traveled with the team going down than coming back up as most remained in Florida or went elsewhere.

The lacrosse team plans on heading down to Florida during Spring Break once every two years. According to Milliken, they are planning on going to St. Louis next year during a shorter break.

“Our team improved a lot,” Elli Tilford (10, MST) said. “We learned to work better together both on and off the team.”