Friday Trolley Hop tour around Louisville

Keevin Henley

On the first Friday of every month from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Louisville tourists can go on a free trolley tour from one of the designated trolley stops in downtown Louisville. 

The First Friday Trolley Hop is on the first Friday of every month, rain or shine. Tourists can park at one of the free parking locations around the city and board the Frankfort Avenue trollies. The tourists are then able to stop and visit the many art galleries, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs along the Frankfort, Market Street, Main Street, and Fourth Street corridors.

Tourists can dine at the many restaurants and cafes like The Old Spaghetti Factory, Mocha Delight, Los Aztecas Mexican, and Addls Grill. The Peacock, Mona & Lisa, and The Luna are just the few of the many boutiques available along the trolley route. The older tourists can check out the Howl at the Moon, Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar, and the Prime Lounge nightclubs.

“Frankfort Avenue has a lot of restaurants and art galleries and things like that.” said Rachel Bunger (11), who took the tour.  “The trolley hop is helpful because you can park your car down on Grinstead drive and still be able to access all the cool places… [And] parking on Frankfort [Ave.] is very limited and difficult.” 

“It’s also a good opportunity for local artists to display their work at galleries, such as the Tim Faulkner gallery,” said Isaac Logsdon (11).

The Green Building Galley, Glasswork, and Zephyr Galleries, also on the tour, are the homes to the art of many Ohio Valley artists. The works of artists Reid Norris and Daniel Pfalzgra can been seen in the galleries.

“Last year there were some great mixed media art. There was sewing within plastic, metal, and glass. It was really abstract. It seemed like people were interested. It was good wall art for the home. It the mixed media Incorporated smashed car parts, junk, planks of old barns, and yarn. It was really lovely,” said Ms. Alana Alford (VA). “Many people were looking at the mixed media in the art galleries opposed to the paintings. I particularly remember this, because I love mixed media,” she said. 

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