Mr. Vaught is diagnosed with brain cancer

Tabitha Awoniyi

During class on September 19, Mr. Clint Vaught’s (Oral Comm. & Debate) students noticed something was a little off when, while performing an example monologue, Vaught began to slur his speech, and the students couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Alarmed, they were quick to point it out to him. After realizing he needed assistance, Vaught sought attention at the YPAS office right after class, doing his best to explain to Mr. Brian Crady, YPAS assistant principal, about his condition.

“I could tell something was wrong,” Mr. Crady said. “He couldn’t get his words together, so I drove him to the University [of Louisville] Hospital at once.”

“[It was] a panic. Just a panic,” Vaught said.

A few hours later his doctor told him that his x-rays revealed three holes in his brain—an evident sign of brain cancer. He was told to stay at home and rest and that treatment would begin as soon as possible.

“I’ve been a public speaker since middle school,” said Mr. Vaught. “And rarely have I ever been at a loss like this. I lost the moment big time.”

Prior to his return the week of September 25, Vaught was spending his days at home eating microwave popcorn and watching the news.

“I am so missing school,” he said. “But I have really enjoyed the kind goodwill from the students who have reached out to me during this episode—we have the most wonderful community family that any program could ever hope for.”

“The days without Mr. Vaught were a new task, having to divide his speech and study skills classes among other teachers,” Crady said. “Carrying on without him felt physically unbearable.”

Losing Vaught truly was unbearable for MST student Sharzaud Karimi (10). “None of us look forward to coming to class as much as we used to. We just miss him and the comfortable vibe he gave us,” she said. “We all love his enthusiasm. He is literally the funniest teacher I have ever had and I can’t wait till he comes back.”

Tabitha is a 15-year-old sophomore, staffwriter/anchor for the Multimedia Staff, and plans on pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism.