Juniors are encouraged to use TCA prep


With the ACT fast approaching and last year’s ACT Plan scores mailed out, both Counselor Marti Johnston and Principle Larry Wooldridge urged the juniors to make use of the TCA/ACT prep provided on the school website, because it has proven beneficial for students in the past.

Wooldridge attributed the 1.2 point increase of this year’s school ACT average to the TCA program, leading to Manual having the top ACT score in Kentucky with a composite 26 (the highest in school history).

The TCA prep helps students improve by using a detailed analysis of each student’s personal performance and pinpoints the areas that need test preparation.

“[Another] of the key factors in the TCA prep’s effectiveness is its availability everywhere. Just click a red button and you’re there. Students can study on their own in their own pace,” Mr. Wooldridge said. 

“Taking the practice test so close to the ACT itself gave me an estimate to what my real score would be and which sections needed work,” Kyeongran Jang (12) said. 

“The TCA hasn’t been in use for long. But it’s helped a lot. We really want the juniors to get even better scores,” Ms. Johnston said. 

The TCA prep is not the only measure the administration has taken to ensure complete preparation for the soon-to-be testing juniors. An ACT countdown timer has also been placed in Center Hall and the Senior Cafe as a reminder of test day. 

Mai Nguyen is a contributing reporter. She is an avid writer, both in creative and professional means.