Student Senate discusses new changes

Joey Demarco

The duPont Manual Student Senate met again on Tuesday, Oct. 4, discussing topics ranging from the attendance policy to releasing a student guide.

A proposed change to the attendance policy was raised after numerous complaints from YPAS students. Students were upset by the fact that anyone tardy to a YPAS class would have to walk back to the main building in order to obtain a tardy slip.

The proposed change would include having student aids set up a second attendance office at YPAS. Students would be able to sign in and recieve slips from the YPAS building rather than having to walk back to Manual to recieve one.   

“It’s a pretty good idea.  The walk from YPAS to Manual and vice versa can be quite tedious, especially in bad weather,” Robin Zhao (11) said of the proposal.

Another idea discussed at the meeting was that of publishing a guide for incoming freshman titled, “Manual for Manual,” focusing on advice from graduating seniors. “This idea was the most popular at the meeting, since it has a lot of student enthusiasm and administrative support,” Jack Grundy (12) said. 

“Having this guide around could really be useful,” Zhao said. “Coming in as Freshman, a lost of people are lost, but it is also geared towards other grades. Juniors can use it for advice on the ACT and SAT, while Seniors can look at advice for college.”

To fund this guide, members discussed holding a recycling drive to collect things like ink cartridges from students. The cartidges would then be turned in to a recycling plant for money.

The Senate continues to look to improve in its second year of existence.  “The first year is always a learning experience,” teacher/sponsor Ms. Allison Hunt said. 

The Senate meets the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month in room 224. All Manual students are allowed to attend Senate meetings to express their own ideas.

Joey DeMarco is a contributing reporter.