GSA plans Mix-It-Up Day and a clothes swap

Brittany Nelson

This November, Gay-Straight Alliance will host two events: a clothes swap on November 1 and Mix-It-Up Day at lunch on November 15.

Clothes-swap participants will each bring in gently used, unwanted clothes and swap them for someone else’s clothes. 

On Mix-It-Up Day, a national event, participants will be assigned seats with new people at lunch, at tables set aside in the freshman cafeteria. The goal of the event is to get students talking to people they wouldn’t otherwise talk to.

“It’s a nice way for people to transition into school more easily, whether they came from another school, or they’re freshmen,” GSA member Brevyn Fleming (10) said. “We’re really open and we try to mak everyone feel welcome.”

GSA is also hoping to plan more events for its members. “This year we have more people than last year. We can plan bigger events,” GSA president Brenden McKim (12) said. “We’re hoping to attend a Gay-Straight Alliance convention like we did last year. Last year there were a lot of schools and it was a lot of fun.”

A recent activity GSA members participated in was painting a sign for Red/White Week. “Last Thursday, the club stayed after and painted this sign. I expected it to be somewhere off in the corner, but it was in center hall. It felt like a place of honor,” McKim said. The sign read, ‘Ram pride: because no one looks good in bulldog.’”


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