Break Dance Club officially approved by Principal Wooldridge

Alexis Weaver

The new Break Dance Club, sponsored by Ms. Kim Herndon (Dance) was officially approved by Principal Larry Wooldridge. It will now meet every Thursday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 pm at the YPAS Annex Tap Room in the basement.

“[It’s] a relaxed environment, but everybody’s serious at the same time,” Jacob Markert (10) said. 

“Some days we’ll work on things individually that we’re trying accomplish and other days we’ll work on things together like general techniques,” Joshua Crowder (12) said. Members will be working on routine for for the basketball homecoming pep rally in February.

Principal Wooldridge recommended that club founder Peter Thai (10) set membership rules for students who want to make a commitment to his club. According to Thai, members must fill out forms with their schedules, give their phone numbers and email addresses, and attend half of the practices. 

Alexis Weaver is a contributing reporter.