JV Quick Recall team wins the first matches of the season

Paoli Ortiz

‘Manual’s junior varsity Quick Recall team won both of its first matches of the season Thursday, October 13 against Eastern and Ballard High Schools at duPont Manual‘s library and Thursday, Oct 20 against Seneca and Central High Schools at Seneca.

The first match results were: Manual: 46, Eastern: 16; Manual: 38, Ballard: 18; and the second match results were: Manual: 59, Central: 7; Manual: 52, Seneca 10.

According to Mr. Raymund Krause (Psychology), the team was excited to start off the season and find out new members’ strengths and weaknesses. “This is actually my first year with the Quick Recall team, so I’m excited to see what awaits me and a little nervous at the same time,” Mr. Krause said.

Jiahui Hu (10) felt confident about the first matches. “I think we did pretty good. The scores say it all,” Hu said.

Ava Chen (11) also felt good about the matches, especially about their second match. “I think that the second match against Central and Seneca was easier, although everything went pretty good in both matches,” Chen said.

Each member of the team was expected to bring one snack for the match as a friendly gesture. “We bring snacks to be cordial with the other teams and also to have a little ‘party’, we like to be serious but also have fun,” Mr. Krause said.

The team’s practice has so far consisted of asking each other question about different subjects. Sometimes they would divide in two groups and compete against each other. “I think that competing against each other is very efficient because is basically like a match, except that it’s between us,” Hu said.

The team is getting ready for their next matches: Oct. 27 against PRP and Valley High Schools, Nov. 3 against Fairdale and Iroquois High Schools, and Nov. 10 against Western and Male High Schools.